Hydrogen as Maritime Fuel: Defining New Guidelines for a Sustainable Future

27th May 2024, Brussels
Management Centre and Meeting Centre CEN/CENELEC
Rue de la Science 23 (1040 Brussels)

Young Scientist Award 2023

Our e-SHyIPS member, Giovanni Di Ilio, from ATENA, has been elected Best Researcher of the Year 2023 by the Hydrogen Europe Research!

ISO TC8 Plenary Meeting

The e-SHyIPS project has been presented at the ISO TC8 Pleanary Meeting, which was held in Athens on 18-22 September 2023.

European Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2023, Capri 13-15 september

e-SHyIPS partners attended and presented some of the most recentproject advances at the European Fuel Cells and Hydrogen conference 2023.

Hydrogen as fuel for passenger ships Rules gaps and Simulations

Oscar Noguero Torres and Marta Tomè Manteiga, from GHENOVA Ingenieria, and Francesco Chillè, from IDF Ingegneria del Fuoco, have been awarded with the second prize for their paper "Hydrogen as fuel for passenger ships.

DNV R&D forum, June 22nd, Athens, Greece

The forum, organized and hosted by DNV, will present projects on alternative fuels in shipping, including ammonia, liquid organic hydrogen carriers, and hydrogen, and projects on autonomy and digitalization. A dedicated workshop on hydrogen will be performed for e-SHyIPS, to present the project developments and receive feedback from the market.