The e-SHyIPS project was launched on 1st January 2021, and will last for 4 years.

e-SHyIPS’s ambition is to fill the existing gap in normative and technical knowledge concerning all the related aspects on hydrogen in the maritime transport sector.

The project aims to define guidelines for an effective introduction of hydrogen in passenger shipping, and to promote its adoption within the framework of the global and EU strategy for a clean and sustainable environment.

e-SHyIPS’s will make use of the deep expertise of a wide international, interdisciplinary partnership, towards:

generation of new knowledge to define a standardized database and a data gathering methodology on the arrangement and installation of on-board hydrogen-based systems;
development of CFD models and tools for ship design and safety assessment;
acquisition of experimental data on hydrogen systems for vessels;
definition of a pre-standardization plan for IGF code update for the hydrogen-based fuels passenger ships international regulation;
creation of a roadmap for the adoption of hydrogen-based fuels on passenger ships in EU maritime sector

e-SHyIPS will be based on an ecosystem approach where all the main stakeholders from maritime and hydrogen sectors, research and industry will be involved in order to not leave out any relevant aspect for the future regulatory framework.



STATUS: Ongoing project
START DATE: 1 January 2021
END DATE: 31 December 2024
FUNDED UNDER: H2020-EU.3.4.6.
OVERALL BUDGET: € 2.500.000
EU CONTRIBUTION: € 2.500.000



Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the first General Assembly of the e-SHyIPS project was held virtually on June 15th-16th 2021. This meeting aimed to present the progress update of the different operational WPs and to formally introduce the project to the Advisory Board members, who were invited to join dedicated sections of the event.

The two-days event was crucial in setting the basis for the experimental activities that will be carried out throughout the followings months with relation to Ship Design, Safety Systems, Materials & Components and Port-Bunkering-Ships Solutions.

Moreover, for the first time, the project partners had the chance to meet the members of the Advisory Board, and receive useful feedbacks with relation to the scenarios and operational profiles that had been defined by the project consortium and that will be further enriched throughout the development of the project during the experimental activities.

The event concluded with the official launch of the experimental activities.


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